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Wyatt Refrigeration is a full service industrial refrigeration company specializing

in custom design and construction of refrigeration systems for the food and process industry. Whether you need a cold storage, coolers, blast tunnels, freezers or belt freezers for your facility, we are here to help you develop the most appropriate system.
We offer the following services:

Design & Engineering

Our team of industry experts work with our clients to design efficient systems that utilize the most appropriate equipment. These systems require complex designs that take into consideration long term efficiency and easy operation.

Construction & Installation

Once our designs have been vetted and approved by both the client and the team, our shop then begins to fabricate the system, customizing where necessary to ensure the fabrication meets the design specifications. We then crate up the system and ship to the installation site. Our installation team then installs the system at your facility.

Service & Maintenance

Each refrigeration system is commissioned for optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency.  Post installation, set point tuning and mechanical adjustments are performed to maintain ideal conditions.  Troubleshooting and repair services are also available from our team of experts.  Many customers take advantage of our preventative maintenance program that is customized to each facility and their applications.  It is because of our meticulous inspections that we can identify system wear and abnormal conditions early.  We can then schedule maintenance before it becomes emergency maintenance.

Test & Adjust

The refrigeration units are installed and the team then performs and tests the systems to ensure all designs are followed and the system is running optimally for many seasons to come.